Same Day or Pre-booked Appointments – Registered with Medical Providers –   in house or direct referral service for GPs, ENT Consultants, Clinicians, In-Patients

Who we are:

Liz McKenna and Loren Loeb are fully insured, enhanced DBS checked,  registered Senior Clinical Audiologists, (BAA, RCCP)  with over 25 years experience in both NHS and private practice. We have extensive experience in paediatric testing and we are registered as healthcare providers with private medical insurance companies.

What we do:

We provide a bespoke, portable audiology testing service with on-site testing available in a variety of locations.  We are also able to accept patients for direct referral from GPs and other clinicians for audiology testing in Harley Street and at other locations. Results will be emailed to the referring doctor with a report. When requested, recommendations will be included in the report.

Our Services Include :

  • Diagnostic Audiometry

Pure tone audiometry with bone conduction and masking, Speech audiometry,  Tinnitus matching, Loudness Discomfort Levels,  Paediatric assessment  (reports included).

  • Tympanometry

Documenting Middle Ear Function, report included.

  • Baseline Audiometry

Pre and Post ototoxic drug treatment Periodic Monitoring – Occupational Health – Employment Medicals – Gas and Oil Medicals – Clinical Trials, report included.

  • School or Workplace Screening

On site screening, report included.

  • Bespoke Ear Protection

Same day noise protection for sleeping, travel, sports, water activities.

  • In-Patient  and home visits

Visits by arrangement, report included.

  • Independent hearing aid advice

Independent Audiology are NOT HEARING AID DISPENSERS, have NO AFFILIATION to any hearing aid supplier and are NOT INVOLVED WITH HEARING AID SALES.  We give objective advice on NHS and private hearing aids and will only refer for hearing aids when requested.